Saturday, 25 April 2015

Disaster Management tool by Journal of Planning and Architecture to help 7.9 Magnitude Earth quakes in Nepal

25 April, 2015, India, USA NEWS CORP

Journal of Planning and Architecture has launched a Disaster Management tool to help earth quack victims in Nepal and India. Those, who want to help in the event of this crisis, can mail to

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People can use above email ID to donate the money (via Paypal, and other modes also) for Disaster Management and to provide important information they wish to share. The information/ query may be submitted for (1) to find / search a lost/ injured/ dead person, (2) Let us know if you have information about the person affected in earth quack (3) Share information if you are safe and living in affected area, (4) Share information if you want to inform well being/injury of some one, (5) Tell us, how you want to help in this disaster. Disaster Management tool launched by Journal of Planning and Architecture can be used to Find A Person and Report A Person. You can also share information to help ad hock, and post earth quake event. It may be related to disaster management, aid to affected people, place and culture. Earth quakes are natural events. Imbalance to nature greatly influence such tragedy, these include massive architectural changes affecting gravity, center of mass TUNNEL,  DAMS, damage to CORAL REEF , drilling, alteration in flow direction of  rivers. It is true that the best in human beings comes out in the hour of tragedy. Journal of Planning and Architecture requests all the people to show their best not only to serve best to humanity, but also to biodiversity, ecology , nature and environment. At least 25 people were killed in Bihar as a massive earthquake struck Nepal and the adjoining areas in northern India on Saturday. 7.9-Magnitude Quake Hits Near Kathmandu, Nepal. The vibrations were experienced in entire North India too. In Eastern Rajasthan, the earth quake vibrations were felt for around 5-6 seconds near around 11.45 AM. Journal of Planning and Architecture reports that vibrations in in Eastern Rajasthan were in the direction of North-to- South. The U.S. Geological Survey says the quake hit Lamjung, Nepal, Saturday, 25 April, 2015. Witnesses say several buildings collapsed in the aftermath. As the time spends, we will get more clear news with tragedy and lives. Many buildings have been demolished, roads have been fractured, and people died in this massive 7.8 quake. Beside for many people, it was their first exciting experience to feel the nice mild earth quake. 
Journal of Psychiatry invites you to share your experiences and views on earth qukes at

What to do and don't while at earth quake- 1. Be alert, within very less time you have to differentiate normal vibrations and earth quake leaded vibrations. 2. Place yourself at safe place and alarm your colleagues, people nearby you. If you cant run, and seek safe place immediately, cover your body under strong table/ chair. Protect your eyes from dust and damage. Do not open eyes, if you are getting your building demolished to protect them from dust. Stay away from heavy stairs/ week architectures/ walls. Protect your head from any direct/ indirect injuries. Stay away from false ceiling, heavy unbolted items, refrigerators, TV, on electric items/ circuits. You have to act fast in the event of such tragedy. Because everything happens within few time. If vibrations are not too strong, don't take adverse actions e.g. jump from buildings. If you have pets (dogs, cats) at your home, encourage them to come out to safe places, Don't tie them, so that they could defend. Dogs generally sense the earthquake before they occur around you, even before 5 to 10 minutes. Because earth quake flows in the form of a wave. Before intense wave struck to you, minor intense waves are identified by dogs. So they are good sensor for our help. Dogs begin to bark in such scenario, if you quite understand them, you will find that their barking is 'different'. Compare- How dogs bark when they love to their owner/ when something irritates/ attracts them/ on strangers/... If you are able to differentiate it, you can also judge at those moments too. It is like dogs are barking.. - to whom= no one! But not every time they bark, may be it depends how weak the final quake wave is/ whether dogs are not in group.

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